– The process of moving is making me want to buy things. Suddenly everything – bookshelves, quilts, armchairs – seem not only to be good ideas, but ideas on which my to-be happiness depend. Logic? I don’t get it either.

– While watching Cloverfield last night (the grand finale to Margaritas and Monster Movie! Night with Rhodes), I realized that I really want to get back and visit New York soon. Nice sentiment, right? Not when you’re watching Manhattan getting wrecked.

– The Imaginary Boyfriend Chronicles continue: my mother called yesterday and mentioned that there was a Patriots-centric addition to the Got Milk? campaign. I guessed Brady. Then I guessed Moss. Then she grew exasperated and interrupted me with an outburst of “YOUR BOYFRIEND.” Oh. Wesley. Why didn’t she just say so?

– Moving from one apartment in the greater metro Boston area to another can suck. Doing so in late January should, common sense would dictate, suck even more. Preparing to bid adieu to a delusional aggro alpha boy of a roommate? Totally worth it.

– Winter was way easier to stomach last year, when I knew I would get a 10-day reprieve in Los Angeles.

– Red Sox tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, I give the VWR two hours before I walk away proudly and then curse myself all season long.

– Blogging Dork-Out Moment: Whitney, of Pop Candy fame, posted a link to my Bostonist review of B.J. Novak’s stand-up. My reaction to this, given that I love reading Pop Candy, was a whole lot of giddiness. Um, yeah. A lot.