…who thought that Amy Winehouse’s performance at the Grammys was hardly worthy of praise? Sure, the girl didn’t fall over. She didn’t stumble over the lyrics (too badly). But a performance slightly better than godawful isn’t a good performance. Or a brave one.

…who mourned the loss of Captain Nathan Bridger? Obviously Roy Scheider was best known for Jaws, but for my then-in-junior-high self, seaQuest DSV was my Sunday evening staple; Scheider was my Captain Kirk, as it were. And I haven’t seen a single news obit that’s made mention of the show. Darwin would want a chance to be quoted, people.

…who was half convinced that she was dying this weekend, as she went through the worst cold she’d ever experienced? Oh wait, I know I’m not alone in that one. As Em wisely noted, all of Boston is contaminated right now.