I think it all started with my hair this morning. Not quite right, but not off enough to render untangling the flatiron and taming it into cooperation. So I set out and went through my day.

And it was a nice day: lunch out, invitations to spend time with friends during the upcoming holiday weekend, an evening of coffee and a book reading at a lovely independent bookstore in Brookline, the purchase of two books on topics that I enjoy (the Red Sox and the music industry), the chance to say hello to a writer whose writing style I greatly enjoy (Dan Kennedy, whose Rock On: An Office Power Ballad was the aforementioned music industry book that I purchased and had signed), a swing by Chipotle to pick up a burrito, then a walk home through the gently falling snow before calling Beth, then my parents.

But it was off. I was off. All day, no matter what, every word that left my mouth sounded stupid the instant I said it. If I said anything at all. It was as if I had a blinking sign over my head, “Pay no mind to the moron. Seriously. Stop looking at her.”

I arrived at the bookshop too early and couldn’t find the nonfiction section to save my life. I left to pick up a coffee to kill time before the reading and couldn’t find a seat in Starbucks, so I wandered Coolidge Corner, realizing that I should have picked up a treat to eat at the ‘Bucks, given the manner in which I would be received walking into a competing place with my still-full latte cup in hand. Rather than even attempting to strike up a conversation with Kennedy, I asked a quick question regarding an anecdote he’d read aloud from his book (a question that would have just been answered for me a short time later during my ride back home, given that it’s right in the book) and said something stupid when he remarked upon my scarf (does Dan Kennedy need to know that it was my Patriots scarf? No. Did I tell him? Yes. Why? I’m off today). The walk home from Chipotle would have been lovely, save the headache I was already feeling. I was all dazed and tired when trying to talk to Beth. And the questions I’d had for my parents went unanswered.

The good news? I think I escaped the day unscathed. And I have two books I’m looking forward to reading.

But, um, yeah. This off day needs to be be turned off, quickly, while I’m still at least somewhat ahead.