The closest I’ve ever come to being the recipient of a sweet Valentine’s Day gesture was a drunkish dial during my senior year of college from a guy I with whom I kind of sort of fell into like every once in awhile. True story.

That’s it – terribly romantic, right? I laugh about it, and I really am more than okay about the fact that I don’t have any epic romance anecdotes that relate to February 14. I’ve never liked sappy cards. I still can’t accept the idea of pairing together pink and red (people, it’s a clash combination) and I reserve my chocolate consumption for any day I feel like it that happens to end with a Y.

That said, I was ready to profess everlasting devotion this evening, as I felt strong hands working my hair into a lather as I leaned back, my eyes closed…

The only thing better than getting your hair shampooed before a haircut is getting your hair shampooed by a man before getting a haircut. It makes a girl briefly think about wrangling herself a Valentine.

*Answer that will score infinite points with me: TOMORROW IS PITCHERS-AND-CATCHERS DAY!