As I’d noted recently, it has been a busy…couple of weeks now, actually. All good things. The days have included a trip out to Worcester last week to see (and review) the Foo Fighters at the DCU Center, catching a Howie Day show for the first time in at least a couple of years, a number of theatrical viewings (Makeshift’s Alice in Wonderland, for which I once again assumed my Makeshift Photographer role; Bad Habit Players’ Speed-the-Plow, and Way Theatre Artists’ Love-Lies-Bleeding), karaoke, and DJing at River Gods.

I’m beginning to turn my attention to spring, partly because there are some great things coming up to which I can look forward, partly out of basic survival instincts. I don’t do well with winter. Never have, never will.

Among some of the things that will approach? Baseball (hallelujah – I’m getting so impatient for its return), and the Walk for Hunger in May (I haven’t officially signed up yet, but I will have by the beginning of next week and will probably be asking anyone interested if they would be willing to donate to a good cause – let that be a warning).

Otherwise? The snow needs to disappear already. I’m waiting to play Josh Ritter’s “Snow is Gone” and welcome in spring. It’s almost March – we’ve endured enough cold, right?