Did I ever tell you about that time I joined a bowling league?

It. Is. Awesome.

Or, rather, it seems that way so far. Last night was the first of many that will be spent at the ol’ ten-pin alley in Malden – I’m now a temporary-card-holding member of my first ever organized bowling…organization (allow myself to introduce myself, much?). One of my roommates and her boyfriend have been participating for some time now; my other roommate and I decided that it was time to join the fun.

My legs are a little sore today, but a 116 average (sans handicap) over three games isn’t terribly bad for a girl whose last ten-pin experience was A) at least a year and a half ago, B) fueled by beer and C) more about socializing and drooling over a tall blond fellow than actually bowling.

Given that I was convinced that I’d be terrible in last night’s showing (and the fact that this is all about having fun), I was pleasantly surprised to find the rules of softball pitching coming back into play: a straight ahead follow-through and the trick of letting dead-on eye contact with a target counterbalance mechanical slip-ups along the way.

I mean…beginner’s luck. Obviously. And since our team is off next Monday, I’m thinking that there will be efforts made to assemble at a different bowling alley in the greater metro area. Who’s in?

* Admittedly, winning the high school softball championship senior year proved that the years paid off. But let’s ignore that – and not think of the bruises on my mother/pitching coach’s knees.