It’s been hectic here, but in an entirely different way than that to which I’ve grown accustomed over the course of the past year. I’m trying to keep up with the photography on the flickr, so you can feel like you’ve all been right there with me.

But what’s been going on? Let me tell you:

– The fantastic Professor Coldheart invited me last Friday to partake in my second ever Red Sox-Yankees matchup, and it was a great time in amazing seats with fabulous (heh) company. It was nice to take in a Yanks game when it: 1) meant something (my first game was great to see, but the Sox were out of it at that point in ’06) and 2) featured a full lineup of starters throughout (that first game quickly changed to feature the bench).

– I headed to New York early (eeeeeearly) the next morning to treat Tom to Brother BIrthday Baseball v4.0. Mets/Brewers. Eric Gagne called in for the save situation. A stern warning from a Shea Stadium staffer to my brother with the command that he behave. “Ma’am, I’m only cheering. You don’t understand that I came all the way from Boston to see this man pitch.” And Gagne earning the save!

– Last Sunday I began my new weekend endeavor. I won’t be talking about it on here (you know how I am about not writing about work), but I’m now a tour guide at Fenway Park! I am as excited as you would imagine me to be. 🙂