During my morning walk to the T, I pass a couple of lightposts adorned with the old black and white Averi bumpersticker. It always makes me chuckle and think of the bumpersticker that’s probably still touting the band’s name back in Burlington.

(I was responsible for none of these, thank you very much.)

I laughed to myself this morning, per usual, but it wasn’t until I was running a lunchtime errand that I realized today’s date and really started to make myself laugh.

Aw. My Averiversary. I decided to listen to some of the old tunes on my iPod as a way of noting the day. I hadn’t listened to the band’s old work for months, if not longer.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy “Direction of Motion” (it’s a straight up pop-rock gem of an album) and it was nice to finally listen to “For Better or Worse” without smirking (and I said it would never happen). I re-added “walk along the Charles while listening to ‘Flutter'” to my list of silly things I ought to do and thought about the good shows, fun misadventures, and random bullshit that I encountered over the course of a few years.

I kind of almost missed it. For a moment.