An unofficial rule of blogging that has fallen a bit to the wayside is to not spend all of your time blogging about blogging. That said, another rule is to not let your readership down by failing to post and otherwise drifting off into the e-abyss.

Considering that I’ve broken the latter rule, forgive me for also breaking the former. When I do something, I go all out.

I wish I could say that I’d been kidnapped by gypsies or that I’ve discovered the cure for cancer since I was last regularly writing here, but I don’t have that good an excuse. The truth is that I’ve been busy. And while I’ve often been busy in the past (who am I kidding? I’m always up to a million things at once and have been for most of my life), much of the busyness has consisted of things that I either don’t feel I can write about (employment) or things that I didn’t think at the time would prove particularly interesting. I’ve had a couple of times when I’ve censored myself in the past for various reasons (all eventually somewhat chronicled in previous apology posts), but this was a little different. I’ve just been plugging along, watching the trees begin to bud and feeling the warm breezes start to return to New England.

A few weeks ago, I was preparing to drift off to sleep and a thought passed through my mind: perhaps I stay so busy because I always feel as if that gives me something interesting to talk about. Because myself just as is? Not all that fascinating to folks.

Screw that. I’m plenty interesting (right? She types, hoping that someone out there nods his or her head in agreement). And since writing here has always kept me grounded (and relatively sane) in the past, I’m back. Posting regularly. Ready to greet you again and rock this little space (which is about to be given a makeover, FYI).

So. That said, here are recent developments and thoughts, so as to catch you up:

  • I sat down in a salon chair and had my hair chopped off last week. It’s the shortest I’ve gone in a long time, and I was nervous as a result, especially given that the last time I decided to go short, the stylist went off on a completely different path and left me with hair like this. That’s why I grew it. For two and a half years. The good news? Not that short this time, and I actually like it (and didn’t walk out crying, like last time). I’m still getting used to it, but I’m happy and will be posting photographs on flickr in the near future.
  • I never thought I’d hear a lusty chant of “Brewers suck” echo off the quirky corners of Fenway Park, but on Saturday night, I did. I surprised my parents with tickets to the game and welcomed them back to Fenway for their first game of the season. The Brewers made a game of it, the fans were getting into it, and the Sox came out on top. Just as it should be (if you ignore the seven errors recorded over the course of the game, that is).
  • I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m going to look much younger than my age for a long time. The haircut came after a lot of thought, but also the realization that long hair was prompting people to constantly ask me about what area college or university I am attending. Being 27 years old and six years out of higher education, I hoped that perhaps a shorter cut would make me look more my age.* Turns out, it makes me look even younger. I will be asked about my major until I’m in my eighties. And then I’ll die. I suppose there are worse fates.
  • One of my roommates has let me borrow her copy of Lamb, and I find myself laughing out loud at least twice a day during my commute.  Sure, I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m already telling people that they should read it now (if they have a sense of humor about religion).
  • I put a new personal rule into effect last week: if I make my semi-regular trip to the Asgard for Wednesday night karaoke, I need to suck up my nervousness and make sure to sing at least one song. I kicked off this new policy with “Summer of ’69” and I think it went well. I had fun, so that’s all that matters.
  • I need some new music recommendations. In related news, I need to find my MIA iPod.

How’s everyone doing? Status check. Leave a comment.