Dear gentlemen:

I like to think of myself as a pretty patient woman. I understand that things come up, that there is a benefit to delayed gratification, that absence makes the heart grow fonder…all that.

But seriously, guys. I have waited since 2005 to see you bring your clever folk-pop back to the East Coast. And in the time since last I saw you perform, the following has happened:

– I have moved to Massachusetts
– I have lived in four different apartments
– The Red Sox have won their second World Series
– A myriad of world events (which I won’t include here, given that you are a group of men very up on the times) have taken place*

I know you have had much going on in your lives, and I take comfort in the hopes that those things have treated you well.

But someone in Boston has been looking at your relatively new YouTube channel and, well…

Dammit, I’ve miss you guys. And I’d like to hear some of those songs live once again.

Think about it and have your people call my people. Let’s do lunch. Or something.


*Amusing to think about: it was right around that time that Mraz penned “I’m Yours,” wasn’t it? And it’s only now that it’s a single. That’s a sign, boys. Full circle or something like that.