It had been so long since I’d purchased the tickets to the first night of the three-night Ricky Gervais New York stand that it had begun to feel as if the event would never actually take place. Christmas in July was the thought process, but when last week arrived and I realized the actual festivities were mere days away, I started to wonder if something was going to prevent me from getting to take in one of my favorite comedic talents.

And yet everything worked out.


There was the fact that Michelle, my Gervais partner in crime, landed herself in a cast (of sorts) the day before a trip to New York. There was the fact that I was in an exhausted state pretty much throughout the entire trip. There was the fact that John Krasinski had the audacity to not appear before me while M and I were people-watching.

The good news is that it felt nice to be away, albeit briefly. I had the pleasure of finally meeting a couple of people I’d long hoped to meet. There was wonderful Thai food enjoyed in an Astoria apartment, thanks to gracious hosts. And there was the pleasure of walking around Astoria this morning, watching people go through their regular Tuesday mornings as M and I made our way to breakfast that I didn’t realize at the time would feature one of the best iced lattes I have enjoyed in a really long time (thank you to the powers that be at the Igloo).

And there was good news from back home that left me dancing on the streets of Chinatown.

So all’s well that ends well.