A little taste of what’s been bouncing through my mind these past few days:

– Part of living in New England is complaining about New England weather. We really do put up with much in order to enjoy that first glorious week in May and those sensational six weeks in September and October. But Summer 2008, particularly these more recent weeks, is pretty ridiculous, even for New England. Somehow, Boston has discovered a new weather quirk: monsoon season. At any time, the skies will suddenly open up and dump water onto the unsuspecting fools who haven’t taken to carrying an umbrella everywhere.

I was never a big umbrella person in the past, which means that I’d occasionally wander in somewhere looking like a drowned rat. But given the probability of this becoming a daily occurrence, even I have become an umbrella-wielding lady.

But have I mentioned that I can sometimes be forgetful? This is why I now have an army of umbrellas: two black, one the color of cotton candy on crack (this was a desperate times, limited selection purpose) and one green. I had a red one, but that went the way of Story Guy; I’ve enough umbrellas left to be able to absorb that loss.

There are two in my office, two at home. That way, in theory, I’ll be prepared with an umbrella even if I’m forgetful. Why two, you say? Well, remind me to tell you about the time both a date and I were so enjoying our conversation one evening that we set off for a walk and forgot our umbrellas back at the place we’d just left.

I told you. I am forgetful.

– The weather is also squandering any chance I’ve had of late to continue to enjoy my new bicycle. As I chatted with Beth yesterday, I remarked upon this fact; she offered a great observation. “Less opportunity for you to get run over by a car.” She may have a point.

– I’ve recently reclaimed my life and health, by which I mean I’ve taken a stand against scheduling that makes sensible diet and exercise impossible. As such, I’m staging a glorious reunion with my gym (I’ve missed it more than it’s missed me, of course). I swung by yesterday for what I imagined would be a relatively short workout, but the combination of cardio equipment and Justin Timberlake allowed me to find that rare and glorious sense of just falling into the perfect beat. By the end of the workout – longer than I’d expected – I was not only feeling good, I was feeling good and ready to bust out some dance moves on the sidewalks of Porter Square.

Fortunately for all involved, I was able to refrain.

– Recent reads: “The Long Ball” (all about the 1975 baseball season and very well written), “The World According to Garp” (finally), “Nineteen Minutes” (I’m just as susceptible to Jodi Picoult as the next gal), and “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” (eh). Inspired by the delight I felt in reading Garp, I think I will be continuing on an Irving pattern for a bit.