When your child approaches you – and he or she will – to inquire about your family’s medical history, everything counts. Heart disease. Any cancers or other conditions.


That way, when your child is sitting somewhere, experiencing her first and realizing her evening plans are ruined, you won’t have to sound silly when you start a sentence with, “Oh, when I get my migraines, I usually treat it by…”

Vix: You get migraines?
Mom: I do.
Vix: How did I not know this?
Mom: Oh, didn’t I tell you?
Vix: Clearly not.
Mom: Oh. Well, I do.

It’s six o’clock in the evening, and I’ve just awoken from a nap so that I may go directly to bed. Come tomorrow, I’ll tell you how last night proved that the karaoke night I frequent truly is the best time with microphones and backing tracks the Boston area has to offer.