I’ve gotten into conversations over the last couple of Karaoke Wednesdays about the idea of the Micro Vacation. See, I’d ruminated recently on the fact that I’ve been craving adventure, but lacked the time to be able to indulge in that desire (see: working seven days during most weeks, impending move into new apartment, general scheduling as of late).

Thus was the idea of the Micro Vacation presented to me: if I can’t get away for a couple of days, why not partake in a couple of hours? Tell friends that I’m up for quick bursts of the atypical. See what happens.

I’m taking a two-pronged approach to this concept: I’ve put the word out there among friends (and it’s paying off – guess who’s kayaking on the Charles this weekend? This gal), but I’m also compiling a list of Micro Vacations that could be enjoyed with or without others. Ideally, the items on this list would appeal to people enough that someone would be interested in joining the fun with each activity, but if not, I’m also game for solo excursions. I’ve got to say that it was nice to realize that there’s so much going on in the area I call home–it’s simply that I get so wrapped up in the minutiae of daily life that  I  occasionally forget just how many options I have.

First thing I wrote down on the list? Whale Watch, Round Three. I am determined to finally see a humpback whale with my own eyes. I was obsessed with them as a youngster, and I’ve tried twice to make the magic happen.

First time? My boat was trapped in a storm at sea (this is why I’ve had no desire to see The Perfect Storm, also why I’ll never again board a boat in Portsmouth). Second time? Dolphins by the dozen and one little finback whale that was just coming up for air.

Third time will be the charm. It’s going to happen in September.

So I ask you, dear readers: what is your idea of an ideal Micro Vacation? What would you do? Where would you go? Bonus points if it’s Boston-centric.