You’d think that I’d be used to packing by now, given that I’m about to embark on my fourth move in 16 months. And yet here I am again, packing up boxes and realizing that I’m looking forward to being moved, but gearing up for the little frustrations that come with actually moving into a new living space.

I know. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Four moves in 16 months? I’m not that wanderlusty, nor am I a bad roommate. My previous living situation had lasted for three years, so that’s telling, right? Most of these moves were for intentionally short stints (Vermont to the North Shore last spring and summer, waiting for my space in the South End to open up; a sublet on my current apartment that ran from February to the end of this month) and only one living situation came to a close on bad terms (readers who were following my exploits back in January might know that I was…stressed by the situation I’d never thought to anticipate).

And now I’m eager to live in my new space. Perfect location, great roommate, paint waiting to be put on walls, design ideas waiting to be unleashed…it’s a big week.

But it’s still a week that will leave me tired, so I awoke this morning determined to keep my energy and enthusiasm high. Which is why I sought out this…and why it’s put a smile on my face on a Monday morning.