– I was taking in the karaoke wonder last night when I heard my name called as the next performer. Awesome, right? Sure, except for the fact that I had no song picked out. As my mind raced, I surprised myself by saying the name of an Ace of Base (????) song. As the opening notes to the song began, I realized that I couldn’t recall how it started. Thankfully, I remembered…about two seconds before the vocals began. Victoria Welch, cutting it close since 1980…

– The New Kids on the Block recently released the video for their second single, the aptly titled “Single.” I know times have changed since 1990, and I am looking forward to taking that trip down memory lane come the end of September. I acknowledge that Joe McIntyre (I was a Joey Joe girl) has aged extraordinarily well. But looking at the dancing featured in this video slightly curbs my enthusiasm. It’s no one’s fault – simply the fact that the last time I saw them live, NKOTB was this (Magic Summer Tour – yes, I was there) and now the group is…uh…this. What a difference 18 years makes.

– I have to figure out when to get myself to the movies, as I need to see this. I’ve been waiting for ages!

– For Boston-area music fans, Matt Nathanson will be performing at Berklee in early October. If you’ve been living under a rock when it comes to VV matters, I’ve been known to believe Matty Nay to be a pretty decent musician. Here’s a hint, click on each word now accented with a hyperlink.