Original plan for Wednesday: spinning class followed by karaoke.

Modified plan, which we’ll call the Family in Town Plan: day of game tickets to the Sox game, then karaoke.

Reality: day of game tickets to the Sox, seven hours spent inside the ballpark, 14 innings of play, two renditions of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” countless clapping and screaming, one bout of crazed laughter at the sight of Timlin, one Tampa Bay victory.

I did walk by karaoke on my (long long long oh good God I didn’t realize how long) walk home, but it was quarter to one by that point, the lights were on and I was a woman on a mission. But it counts, right?

TIMLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! I know, I know, it wasn’t entirely his fault – the game never should have even reached that point. But when he winds up thwarting my plans to work up liquid courage before belting out a showtune, it gets personal.

You’re on watch, 50. Again. As is Carlos Pena! Carlos, the Haverhill connection/Sox walk-off bit only gets you so far. Please get together with Kevin Millar, Orlando Cabrera and other Sox alumni and read the rules already.