Tom’s Voicemail: This is Tom. Leave a message or…call me back. BEEP
Victoria: Hey, it’s your sister. So. April. Your birthday. Sox. Oakland. Roadtrip? Call me!

Victoria’s Voicemail: Voicemail greeting of some kind (Ed. note: Of course I don’t know what I recorded for my VM greeting way back when. Do you remember yours?)
Tom: Hey, it’s your brother. WHAT?

Victoria: Did I stutter? I thought I was clear.
Tom: Sox IN Oakland? Isn’t that kind of…far?
Victoria: It’s April. We’d have plenty of time to plan.
Tom: Wow! We’ll see?
Victoria: …
Tom: We can play it by ear?
Victoria: Sometimes it’s like I don’t even know you.

Victoria: … OH! I meant to tell you! Tom is not the Sox fan I thought he was. The one he claims to be.
Mom: Why’s that?
Victoria: I called him and asked if he’d be game for going to see the Sox play in Oakland on his birthday. AND HE WE’LL SEE’D ME.
Mom: Wait a minute.
Victoria: WE’LL SEE.
Mom: He didn’t just We’ll See you. He will See’d THE RED SOX.
Victoria: THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING!!!!!!

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