I miss The West Wing. It’s my all-time favorite television show and, much as I hate to admit it, played a large role in my decision to accept a job working on Capitol Hill after I graduated college. The idea of playing a role (pun unintentional, yet fitting) in the way government shaped the nation was hard to resist after seeing the way the characters in the show were just so into it. It turned out that there were times during my year in D.C. that I really looked at where I was and what I was involved with with the same expression that I’d seen on my favorite character’s faces.

Michelle DVR’ed the final four episodes of the series last week, as she hadn’t seen them when they aired live, and I watched them again. I still grimaced at the way the staff of a New Hampshire president pronounced Haverhill (Haver-hill? Come on!) but still found myself misty-eyed by the end.

And then the Emmys happened last night and I defied the fatigue prompted by a long weekend of work and ran over to hug the television. Martin Sheen! Bartlett! The Oval Office set!

Come November, this will be the birthday gift I buy myself. I only have season one and realize now that I’m severely lacking in Bartlet goodness.

Added bonus: YouTube Treat of the Day #1, YouTube Treat of the Day #2 and YouTube Treat of the Day #3.

In other news, and this is for the people who read the the whole Twilight series AND the first twelve chapters of Midnight Sun, as best articulated by a friend of mine: “Why did Stephenie Meyer write from the perspective of Bella, when she clearly didn’t like the character? Midnight Sun (Ed. note: written from the POV of Edward) is AMAZING!”