There are a few select times during which one will be able to see Victoria the Extrovert in action: when I’m among longtime friends, when I’m in tour guide mode and when I’m at karaoke. The first two are pretty logical, I would imagine: if my good friends are still sticking with me after all this time, they’ve pretty much seen me at my most random/embarrassing/uninhibited, so there’s nothing to lose, and there’s nothing worse than playing shy when the role calls for being a complete and utter ham.

Karaoke, on the other hand, is the weekly goofball opportunity that I seek out. Armed with a little bit of alcohol and a whole lot of music, I can let myself relax and just settle into singing or singing along.

I’ve never been an extrovert. I’m the one who writes in notebooks and keeps the frustrations to myself. Five minutes after an exchange, I’m cursing myself for not selecting one of the many witticisms that fly through my mind and instead keeping my mouth shut.

But give me a chance to sing along with Journey or laugh about Bryan Adams and the guard comes down. And I love the feeling of coming up behind a friend and wrapping my arms around that friend’s neck to give them a hug and not sit there debating whether or not I should.

I need to apply the karaoke philosophy to more of my regular day to day. I like to think that I’m getting there. Albeit slowly.

I’ll have to rein it in, I suppose, should I reach the point where I’m singing random Beatles songs on the T, though. Although I have to wonder whether anyone might sing along…

That said, let it be known: there IS more to me than the Red Sox. Honest.