The last couple of apartments in which I’ve lived were already furnished when I moved in. The South End place was all about clean lines, Parisian prints and Audrey Hepburn (and this was provided by the fellow living in the place when my other roommate and I moved in!) and I was pretty much made aware right off the bat that my design ideas or input were not to be noted. The Porter place was a cozy cottage when I arrived, and the quirky angles of my bedroom (which I actually really enjoyed) didn’t offer much wallspace for any of my prints.

This is the first space since Vermont in which I realize that I have Stuff that should go on to the Walls. And, pleasantly, I’ve realized that there’s more Wall Space than Stuff Available.

So I’ve been working at it. Looking around, seeing what strikes my fancy and, most importantly, reminding myself that it’s okay to treat myself to something if it’s not outlandishly expensive. Art is an investment or, at least, something to make me get in touch with my classy side. I’m expanding my collection. That makes it okay.

A recent Krissa post about StoryPeople got me absolutely hooked (I daresay obsessed) with Brian Andreas’s work. I ordered a print, which arrived today, and I honestly spent about five minutes staring at the delivered product in delight. I’m buying frames tomorrow. And I have a couple of other prints that I plan to purchase at some point soon.

But as I spent a rainy Friday evening drinking wine and watching the debate, I was clicking away over at Etsy, seeing if anything struck my fancy. Of course it did – that’s what always happens over there. Only this time, I actually decided to buy. See this? See how it’s sold? That baby is mine, people. The color of the leaves will beautifully complement the wine-colored curtains we’ve hung in the living and dining rooms.

The best part is being able to make those considerations: to be able to say that something will match the curtains. Or that the color of the recliner serves as a strong contrast color to the hallway paint color, which peeks through an open archway. Seeing pieces or things that will look just perfect in the home I’m sharing with a longtime friend, seeing how the pieces of a collection that spans that past and present is coming together with someone else’s and just feels right.

And yes, I will post photos soon.