Tony C’s little corner of Fenway is cold in October. Damn cold. And yet there’s nowhere I’d rather be this evening than right up there, sitting on the metal, cheering on the team so they don’t have to go back to Anaheim, I don’t have to stay up late watching baseball played out west again and karaoke isn’t suspended a second time on account of baseball.

I thought I was prepared last night, but was shivering pretty intensely by the time the clock struck midnight. So I’m not messing around anymore. Since I’m heading directly to the park from work this evening, I have been sporting the following attire today:

  • longjohns
  • jeans
  • thermal long-sleeved shirt
  • t-shirt (Pedroia, if you’re curious)
  • heavy hooded college sweatshirt
  • puffy down jacket (not currently wearing)
  • additional jacket (not currently wearing)

I have gloves. I’m buying a knit cap.


And hopefully I will be sipping coffee as I watch my team get the job done and send some California kids back west.