Another reason why I love Bill Simmons. As I saw on Bostonist (click there for the original link):

Nearly every time Big Papi steps out of the batter’s box, he spits into his hands and claps twice. Well, why wouldn’t the Fenway fans clap twice at the same time? Maybe the double clap could turn his playoffs around. If Big Papi isn’t hitting, the Red Sox aren’t beating Tampa.

This is perfect. Let’s get it going. If we could chant “Here we go, Lugo, here we go” during Julio’s batting slumps of the past (during the regular season, no less), we most certainly can do this for the Large Father during the American League Championship Series.

I’ll be there and I’ll be doubleclapping each time he step into the box. Join me. Let’s show him we’re behind him.

And spread the word.