A strange thing happened at Berklee on Friday night. I was singing my way through Matt Nathanson’s set, having already cheered, helped in the “Take On Me” singalong (yes, that happened) and grinned my way through my favorite Matt Concert Moment (hint: the part that always give me chills starts, in this example – a show I did not attend, I should note – at the 4:18 mark). I’d even finally heard “Loud” live, although Matt failed to realize that my daydream about that song includes him calling me up to sing along on that particular duet.

Matt was nearing the end of the set when he introduced his current single. “It’s kind of fun to have a single,” he said.

When he started to play, the crowd sang along with the familiarity that comes not only with Nathanson playing a Boston crowd (we’ve got a bond, Boston and Matt), but clearly with an audience that knows a single that’s getting some radio play.

It was strange. I’ve heard “Come On Get Higher” live quite a few times over the last couple of years, fully aware of the fact that it’s been on television, that it’s become woven into the lives of people I love, and that there’s a music video and all that, Friday was the first time I really thought about how far the song – and, with it, Matt – has come since that first attempt back in Burlington. Somewhere along the way, it developed from “that new song Matt was trying to sing – you know, the one about the hips” to Matt Nathanson’s current radio single.

I think, in a sentimental sort of way, that realization made Friday’s performance of the tune the best rendition I’ve heard yet.