If you have Red Sox tickets for the American League Championship Series games at Fenway, it is important to remember, even when the team is playing terribly during a game, that you are sitting in Fenway Park, watching your team, one of only four that is still playing baseball.

You are in one of only four ballparks still open for game activity in mid-October. You are one of only four sets of fans that do not have to say that next year will be better. You are only one of four small groups of people that can make signs with the hopes that they will be shown on television. You are only one of four crowds that can continue to scream to their favorite players and have a chance of those screams being heard.

I don’t care if your team is down 9-1. You do not leave early.* You can sit there, feeling shocked and more than a little dejected – I definitely slumped in my seat last night – but as far as I’m concerned, you stick it out until that last out has been recorded. You brave the crowd spilling out of the ballpark after the players have headed for the clubhouses.

And you remind yourself that your team is still in it. There’s still another game. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll be there for a new set of nine innings. Hopefully next time, there will be a different outcome.

*I’ve had only one experience where someone with whom I attended a game left early. It didn’t go well.