Last night, after checking in with Blue Man Group for the first time in a couple of years, I made my way to karaoke and fell right back into the comfortable vibe of my favorite weeknight activity. I chatted with my favorite members of the staff, sidled up the bar to order my usual cocktail and discovered happily that my name was already on the list of those who would be singing. I was free to relax and hug friends while dancing and singing along with the evening’s selections.

I’d had a song in mind, but discovered that it had already made it onto the list somewhere along the way. So I went instead with a little Lisa Loeb action.

As the opening notes came over the speakers, my friend Kevin tossed me his black glasses. Rachel then tossed Kevin her glasses so he could see me wearing his and acting early- to mid-90s angsty sensitive.

Singing at karaoke still makes me nervous each and every night, but last night’s turn at the mic was by far my favorite yet. I felt playful and goofy as I sang and walked about – a far cry from my typical practice of standing there and gripping the microphone with shaking hands.

I might even have been in tune. PROGRESS!