Like I’ve said many times in the past, I’m not what one could call a winter-friendly kind of gal. I appreciate that the first snowfall is pretty enough, but that winter wonder tapers out pretty much after that very first walk in the white. I don’t like putting on layer after layer of clothing to walk outside and then promptly swelter on the T, which then leads to freezing again outside before sweltering in an office. I don’t like losing feeling in my limbs. I’m not even crazy about traditional hot chocolate (although I make up for it with love for white hot chocolate and an obsession with cider, the latter of which is more autumnal anyway).

So although winter has not officially arrived in Boston for its 2008-2009 season, I’m thinking proactively. My fellowship in Los Angeles helped me weather the storms a couple of years ago (although it did make the Valentine’s Blizzard that much more dismaying), so perhaps thinking about warmer weather will help me enjoy the temporary freeze.

Florida! Fort Myers! Spring training!

I know, I know. After what felt like an insanely long season, shouldn’t baseball be the farthest thing from my mind? And I admit that I feel like I need the off-season as much as, say, Mike Lowell. But if he can look forward to spring training, so can I. And considering that I’ve never experienced spring training before, that should give me even more reason to look forward to it.

I’d actually decided to think about it seriously during the waning days of ST ’08, when I realized that I wanted to do it up properly. Plan, book in advance, prepare, enjoy. And while I was busy thinking about other things during the season (such as that whole pesky baseball being played thing), I haven’t been able to spend any time on the matter until now. So now I’m starting to take a look at what I need to know, what I need to do. That way I can create the least stressful, most enjoyable experience right around the time the truck starts its annual trip south and I prepare for sunshine and palm trees.