– Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers kicked off their two-night stint at the Paradise last night, and I was shocked to see how much the namesake bandmember has changed since I last saw the guys (I believe it’s been two, two and a half years?). As Nicole and I surmised, it was as if he’d switched from shopping at Hot Topic (or perhaps Urban Outfitters) to raiding Jason Mraz’s closet. Not that there’s anything wrong with either (well…no, I’m not going there). I’m only pointing out that the Stephen that I saw back at Higher Ground was wearing a skinny scarf and was paying a lot of attention to detail. And this one…wasn’t.

What makes seeing SK6 so much fun is that the band is pretty much the most hyperactive musical ensemble touring today. If you were to try to draw blood from them, odds are good you’d just wind up with a whole lot of Red Bull. They’re goofy, they’re dorky, they’ll let Kit (on tuba) and Stephen (on kazoo) rock off during “Uninspired Gambling” and give Boots opportunities to shine from his place behind the drums. It’s just FUN.

– Pat McGee opened the show solo. I realized walking in that it was my first time seeing Pat in at least five years, probably more like seven (the last time I can think of was at Avalon in 2001).

I’d laughed to Nicole earlier in the evening that my very first Boston concert was the Pat McGee Band show at the Dise in 2000 and that I remembered the date (because that’s how my brain works). I couldn’t stop laughing once Pat said that he was going to be back at the venue with his band on December 28.

I think I have to go, given that that first show took place on Dec. 28, 2000.