Monday seems like a good day to focus on music. With that in mind, I’m going to continue the day in music playlist tracking that I started last week. So here’s this week’s day in music, updated over the course of the day.

Morning Commute:

  • Silence. iPod battery was low, so I couldn’t charge it until I reached the office. Fail.


  • Soundtrack, Twilight (selections) – No, I don’t have the soundtrack. But I’m listening to songs from it, via YouTube, to determine whether I want to buy it. Soundtracks can be extraordinarily hit or miss. While the Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack is one of my favorite albums of all time, when’s the last time I really took a good listen to the other stack of soundtracks I have? This one seems to be decent – I’m enjoying Paramore, which is a phrase I’d never expected to write (I also want but would never try her hair from the “Decode” video, which makes me feel like I’m losing a lot of cred by admitting). Perry Farrell cracks me up with “Go All the Way (into the Twilight)” – I can’t see how it will fit in with the movie at all, but it is certainly 3:27 of pure Perry. That they manage to fit that into the same compilation as Iron & Wine (whom I love anyway, but really makes me sigh happily with “Flightless Bird, American Mouth“) is something that still amazes me.
  • Iron & Wine. Austin, 2006

    Iron & Wine. Austin, 2006.

    Iron & Wine, various: “My Lady’s House,” “Jezebel,” “The Trapeze Swinger,” “Boy with a Coin,” “Lion’s Mane,” etc. When Iron & Wine is playing, you could push me over with a feather and watch me fall with a smile on my face. I’d never before seen the video for “Boy with a Coin,” but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make a great song even more sensational. I want more Iron & Wine live action. Soon.

  • Averi, Drawn to Revolving Doors: I haven’t listened to this in ages. It’s interesting to listen to it now, when “For Better or Worse” doesn’t have the immediate reaction that it used to and is a better listen now than I remember (but I’m still partial, overall, to “Direction of Motion”). “When You Gracefully Creep In,” “The Way We Go Out” and “Goodnight, Goodbye” remain my favorite tracks off this release, it still sounds as if Chad is singing “you’re a veal” rather than “you’re revealed” and I still don’t like “Harwich” (and still can’t figure out why). I’m amazed at the distance I went to see that band perform so many times.

Early Afternoon:

  • Ben Lee, Awake is the New Sleep: I just checked to see if my review is still on Ben Lee’s official website. It is! I can’t listen to “Whatever It Is” without thinking of standing on Main Street, realizing how earnest Ben was as he looked into each of our eyes, stood on top of the car and performed that song. Love this album, love this musician. English Channel!
  • Better Than Ezra, various: Random segue, right? I’m scrolling through my iPod alphabetically. I stopped on BTE because I realized too much time has passed since I enjoyed “Sincerely, Me,” but kept going through the various tracks off Closer and Deluxe. Note to self: remind Dana that he owes me a karaoke performance of “Good.” Why have I not realized until now how much I like “Rolling?”
  • Damien Rice, 0: Sigh.
  • Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace: Turns out Damien Rice wasn’t the best choice today. Who knew? Not me, until I realized that the man’s gorgeous songs (which I do love) was making me feel way melancholy, allowing the first notes of self-pity to creep in. I jammed my foot on the brakes, as it were, and turned to Dave Grohl’s growling. Yesssssss. Not only am I rocking out, I’m also thinking about how happy these guys made me back in February. Much better.

Mid- to Late Afternoon:

  • John Mayer, 2006 Austin City Limits Festival: The set that, with my introduction to “Belief,” dragged my disbelieving self back into the Mayer fold. “I’m Jon Secada. This is another one of my Latin-flavored pop songs.” I now ignore everything about him except what takes place on the stage.
  • Keane, Hopes and Fears: I bought this album twice: once shortly after it came out, once after I misplaced it and couldn’t imagine getting through a week without it. I haven’t listened to the album in ages, but I’m falling right back in love with it. “Your Eyes Open” and “She Has No Time” are my favorite tracks.
  • Rocky Votolato, various: Is he on tour? No. Boo. Fine, I’ll listen to “White Daisy Passing” and “The City is Calling” instead. WHATEVER, ROCKY.
  • Montbleau feet on a Montbleau stool. Boston, 2007.

    Montbleau feet on a Montbleau stool. Boston, 2007.

    Ryan Montbleau Band, Live at Paradise 10-22-05: I asked Beth what I should listen to next; she selected this, having listened to it earlier during her workday. She describes it as “I’d rather be dancing” music, and I have to agree. This was such a fun show – also the first time I heard “City” live. When you listen to the track, there’s a shriek of sorts from off in the distance. I hate to admit it, but that’s me, shocked to finally hear that one of two songs I’d always wanted to hear live. It wasn’t my coolest moment. I’ve still yet to hear “Sour Grapes.” Ryan, I’ll be at Higher Ground in December. HINT. HINT. HINT.