As I’ve already said, I’m looking forward to Twilight. A lot. As such, I’ve allowed bits of movie anticipation to pepper my recent days. Which means I’ve been listening to a lot of interviews, especially those featuring Robert Pattinson, who (for those readers now visiting from a bunker somewhere with every pop-culture website blocked from their browsers) has become the new It Guy through his role as Edward Cullen.

There have been good interviews, of course, but I’ve listened to a lot of really painful interviews. I don’t say that as a knock on Pattinson – he’s seemed game throughout, handling the crush quite well. I say it because the questions being asked of him fall into one of two camps: only the questions that everyone needs to ask the same exact way in order to get the quote and those that are so far out there that it’s ridiculous.

The first camp is a necessary evil – no matter how much you hear the quote from elsewhere, it’s still your obligation to ask for your own story purposes. I get that and have had to do that. But people seem to forget that you can always say, “You’ve said ________” as a springboard to ask a different question. You can build from existing material and make your work stronger. As a result, you get the stand-out story.

The latter just gets painful for all involved: the interviewer, the interviewee (“What is your favorite dinosaur?” REALLY?).

It’s work to interview. While an interviewee might feel like the spotlight is on him or her, it’s a huge responsibility for the person asking the questions. It’s why I love interviewing, whenever I get the opportunity. I like coming up with the questions that lead to what feels like more of a little conversation than a strict Q&A, and I like asking the one question that makes an interviewee take note and realize that this is going to be different from the same cookie-cutter style. And, of course, I like the fact that I’m damn good at it.

I think listening to all this is just making me realize that I need to get some interviewing going on in the near future. I’m craving it now.