Ah, Thanksgiving. Turkey. Tofurkey. My mother’s amazing mashed potatoes. Six different types of pies.

In honor of the holiday, I wanted to put forth, into the record, some of the things that have been deemed worthy of thanks during this November Thursday in 2008. These are listed in no particular order:

The Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins. Lil Dusty, Wes Welker, Dennis Wideman. NCIS (especially Tony, McGee and Jimmy Palmer). Maple lattes from Gesine (I’ll see you in about a week, dear maple-filled heaven), Red Bull and Vodka, Stella, Original Sin. Karaoke and the staff at the Asgard. Theatre and theatre friends. Men covered in blue paint and the women who call their shows. Cats. Ribbon, card stock and embossing heaters. Stamps, too. John Krasinski, BJ Novak, Robert Pattinson (it can’t be helped). Josh McDaniels. Photography, cameras, action settings and long zooms. The Paradise Rock Club and the Bank of America Pavilion. The New Kids on the Block, Patrick Thomas, Ryan Montbleau, Tim Blane, Chad Perrone, Syd, Martin Sexton and Stevie Wonder. The Talking Heads and both Simon and Garfunkel. Pulpy reads and gripping biographies. Fenway Park and all the secrets contained within. Theo Epstein and Terry Francona. The color green. Lisa Loeb and her karaoke-friendly range. Gerber daisies. Crepes with strawberries, lemon juice and powdered sugar. Vegetable burritos from Anna’s with hot sauce. McGee, Gibby and Annie – and their respective owners. Guitars. Wall murals. Barack Obama. Mike, Paula, Ellen, Jimmy, Pauline, Tom, Keiko and Nina. Little Izzie. My close friends (who, I like to think, already know how thankful I am for them) and the people who have become key parts of my life. Homemade beef stew (you have no idea of how good it was, guys). The T. The Boston skyline and being able to look at it every day. H&M. Nail polish that comes in pens. Tucker, Wiley and their mama. My friends’ families, who make me feel like an extended member of those families. Josh Beckett. White wine. Rose. My brother. Whomever left the Porsche door window open before they doored my brother. The experience of riding my bike over the Mass Ave bridge. Jillian Michaels. Team Maverick. Not hearing about Sarah Palin anymore. The Boston Globe. Peter Gammons. Steady work, hard work and success. The ability to shake off my shell and the people who were ready to meet the more outgoing me. Tea. MY APARTMENT and my roommate, Michelle. StoryPeople. Electric blankets. The prospect of having hugs to give and hugs to receive in the future. And you, dear (mostly anonymous) readers.

I hope that your Thanksgiving plans include loved ones, good food, and warmth. Have a very happy holiday.