It’s hard to find the right sports bar in the greater Boston metro area.

It’s not that we’re lacking…at all. If anything, part of the problem is that there are so many options. You have the Red Sox bars (good luck getting in any of those during the regular season), the Patriots bars, the Celtics bars, the tourist bars, the college bars. It’s confusing! Amid all this, you have to find the right You bar.

When it comes to the Bruins – and, I suspect my other sports teams – I have found my bar. And it’s only a manageable walk from my apartment.

I remembered reading about Spirit earlier this year, sometime when I thought I was going to have time to watch Sox games from a bar at some point during this season (obviously, this was pretty early in). One thing led to another and I never had a chance to make it to Spirit’s Mass Ave. location. But when Michelle and I headed there to watch the Bruins game tonight, a magical thing happened.

Spirit was perfect. Great bartenders who were making us laugh five minutes after we arrived and requested that a television at the bar be switched over to NESN. Good food, Stella readily available and a low-key vibe that allowed focused Bruins watching AND the chance to laugh with the patrons on hand. Before the first period had come to a close, I was in love with the place.

It is my point to make a habit of going there. It’ll be nice to be a regular at a place other than the Asgard (on Wednesdays) for a change.