Late Morning:

  • Pandora, Boyz II Men Radio: It felt like a Boyz II Men kind of morning. I don’t know if it was an effort to ease back into office work mode or a need to hear harmonies, but it’s been keeping me busy and occupied. And since this is coming at me via Pandora, I’m being greeted with the sonic stylings of many of the artists who crooned sweet nothings into my ears in the 1990s. Brian McKnight’s “Back at One?” HELLO. Babyface! And Usher – plenty of Usher. Amusingly, I can’t listen to Usher without flashing back to freshman year of college, when I would rock out to my borrowed copy of My Way. (Yes, Virginia, there was once a time when burning a copy of an album had yet to become reality.) I thought I was the coolest thing ever, playing Usher and my copy of Before These Crowded Streets. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Early Afternoon:

  • Pandora, Boyz II Men Radio: I always wondered what had happened to Michael McCary. Wikipedia hooked me up with the information (back problems, more or less). In related news, I just vetoed Mariah Carey.
  • Pandora, Mike Doughty Radio: Badly Drawn Boy, “Four Leaf Clover.” Yessss.
  • Tori Amos, Scarlet’s Walk: My favorite Tori Amos album, one of the few on which I enjoy each and every single track. Listening to this prompted me to seek out a live version of “Gold Dust” on YouTube. The performance of the song at GMU that I’d attended wasn’t to be found, but just hearing the song live made me tear up. I tend to be a musical sap anyway, but that song is the one, out of the entire world of music that I’ve heard in my life, that makes me feel tears come on every single time I hear it. Without fail. I’ll probably get misty-eyed listening to the studio track, but make it a live performance and those suckers spill over.