Earlier today, I giggled my way through a video of Dave Eggers making his TED Prize wish earlier this year. Giggled. In a way that young girls as of late (and, when viewing certain Variety interview videos, certain ladies who shall remain nameless but certainly do not include your hostess here – STOP JUDGING) have been giggling over Robert Pattinson, I was giggling over the words being spoken by Dave Eggers.

Why? My literary crush on Eggers was being perpetuated by hearing what he had to say. Having just finished A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius on the commute into my office, I was listening to Eggers speak in a manner that gave me a multi-sensory treat. He was speaking just like how he writes in the book: funny, a little awkward, funny, heartfelt, funny…


It’s the second literary crush I’ve encountered in about three weeks. While Eggers makes me wish that I could do something in a literary manner that would warrant a high five from the guy, my literary girl crush on Sarah Vowell makes me want to reach a point where we could sit in a coffeeshop on insightful essays and trade quips about Nick Hornby.

Because then I’d know Nick Hornby. Who, in case you can’t tell, is another literary crush of mine. So I’d be part of this great literary fraternity of sheer awesomeness and I’d be fine with making my way through my day to day of typical living because the people in my literary fraternity of sheer awesomeness would be looking forward to the quippy things I have to write and share about other people who just don’t get it.

In other words, I’m working on some quippy writing about people who just don’t get it. And I’m a complete and utter literary dork sometimes.

And I have a literary crush on Dave Eggers and that video is awesome and everyone should view it and realize you too want to run out and volunteer for the nearest 826 in your area.