My mother would lead you to believe that she lacks creativity, but she’s basically a huge liar.

A number of years ago, she decided that the whole “To: You From: Me” gift-giving policy was old. Tired. Lacking that certain something that allows for real fun come Christmas. As such, she put into effect the Welch Family Gift Tag Policy.

Basically, it’s like this: fill in the “from” with something that offers a hint as to what awaits the recipient inside the package. If it’s a movie, perhaps you could say it is from the director, an actor or a character. If it’s a Red Sox item (a popular gift this year – shocking, right?), include a player or a trivia item. If it’s a family joke, play that up on the tag.

It’s become my favorite thing about the holiday, the act of figuring out how to label the gifts and coming up with a good ratio of easier tags and real stumpers. As such, I’m often called to help the rest of the family come up with theirs. It is so much fun.

I knew I was in for something good when I picked up a box this morning and saw that the tag read: To Vickie, From Your Embarrassed Family. Given the wide assortment of things my family could tease me about, I eagerly opened to find this:

I belong now!

My family had had enough of me being the odd woman out come Bruins games. While they all show up in their proper colors, I’m the one in the red. Unacceptable! Get the girl the proper gear!

It feels good to finally belong.