Dear Matt Cassel,

I would not presume that you need additional motivation or encouragement while preparing for tomorrow’s game. You know that it’s a big game. I know it’s a big game. We’re all smart people.

That said, I wish to offer you a reminder. Of what, you ask? Of this. Most notably, this part right here:

I found this today – a recipe for humble huckleberry pie. I’ve bookmarked it. I’m going to save it all regular season long. And if you manage to get the football team I love to the playoffs, I’ll document for you the making, baking and consumption of that humble pie. Hell, you’ll be welcome to join me for a piece.

I am ready to do some baking. I have the time, I have the desire. Make me prepare some humble pie. Have your people talk to my people (by which I mean, um, me). If you get the job done, come on over and enjoy some pie.

And if Welker were to join in, I wouldn’t kick him out of my house. I’m just sayin.

Good luck!