Victoria: I find this interesting. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding you responsible as if it’s a truly bad thing, but…
Beth: Yes?
Victoria: You go to Orlando and the weather back here is glorious. Beautiful, wonderful, enjoyable, perfect. You get back and less than 24 hours later, the snow is coming down. And not just coming down, but COMING DOWN AND COVERING EVERYTHING ON NEW YEAR’S EVE, WTF?!?!?

After a glorious week of snow-free living, the skies opened up again today. Wind is blowing, snow has covered everything, winter snow emergency is in effect. Which is great for New Year’s Eve. Truly. How can it not be?

Simple: I’m hellbent on the idea of wearing a new, adorable, 40s-reminiscent dress – and heels – to the New Year’s Eve party I will be attending tonight.

Snow. Style. The two do not compute!

What’s a New England girl to do? Forget curling the hair, as that’s a lost cause. Instead, I’ll trudge my way up to the party wearing my boots and a nice long wool coat. I’ll bring my heels in my messenger bag. And I will effectively show Mother Nature a thing or two as I have a good time.


Seriously, though, I hope that Tuesday is an indication of what I get to look forward to in 2009. After making a quick exchange at the Bruins Pro Shop early yesterday afternoon, I met up with my friend Meghan and set out for the (snow-free, Mother Nature) North End. Exploration ensued, including my introduction to Twilight. I was loving the space until I fell in love with a dress (not tonight’s dress) and realized how evil this boutique really is. I look forward to going back, of course.

A late lunch at the Living Room allowed for good food, conversation and a glass of wine, and we resumed our wandering and ended up over on Newbury. After heading home and relaxing, I made my way to the gym to resume my training (more on that shortly) and had just enough time to work out, get home and shower before my friend Drew arrived for Quality Drew-Vickie Time. A few beers and a couple of hours later and I was happily bidding adieu to one of the single best days I’d had in ages.

With the impending arrival of a new year (or another Thursday, depending on your perspective), I’m again bypassing the whole resolution concept. Instead, I’ve come up with some goals, things to work on. Symantics? Perhaps, but I prefer thinking of goals than resolutions that will be abandoned by February. My goals include the following:

  • Run a 5k by Spring 2009: If I look at my return to the gym (with a focus on running) as something with a real goal associated, it will help me during those days I don’t necessarily want to go. I’ve also always wanted to run in a race of that nature. So there we go.
  • Take (at least) three trips: They don’t have to be huge extensive trips. They could be long weekends, but I need to see more of the country or world. I’d like to get to Chicago. San Francisco. Seattle. Maybe even London, Italy or Ireland at some point.
  • Trust more. I’m making progress on this one. I’m not the shy girl I used to be. But I still need to allow people to get closer to me.
  • Laugh. Life’s short. I should take it seriously, of course, but I need to make sure laughter is a bigger part of the equation.What are your goals, readers? Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy the journey that is the year to come. Happy New Year!