It would appear that I have started off the new year in fine fashion, already attacking several of the goals I’d listed yesterday and otherwise having a grand old time.

Photos posted to Facebook today indicate that I laughed my way into 2009. I don’t have many photos of me laughing, but when there’s a dancefest happening in a room and the Running Man is happening in front of me, BAM. Laughter shots!

I’ve also settled upon my first 5k of the year, thanks to a recommendation! Come March, I’m going to be running in the Ras na hEireann and I’m pretty excited about it. So excited that I’ll be getting off of the couch in a couple of hours and making my way to the gym to train!

As for today, it’s been just delightful: sleeping in, walking up to a friend’s for an impromptu brunch/night recap session, then a trip to the Harvard Book Store. I now have my first four books of 2009 purchased and ready to read (check “50 in 52” for the new 2009 edition).

I like this year already.