I was challenged to create a mix album for autumn, and as I thought about what overall theme I wanted for the mix (because that’s how I roll), I considered what strikes me about the season in general.

Autumn is my favorite season, the few weeks that make dealing with the excessive cold and heat of New England worthwhile. Boston is never prettier than it is during the height of this season, and I try to savor each day of it…

…because autumn is, more than any other season, fleeting. It’s the equivalent of climbing a rollercoaster hill. The anticipation builds, the view gets more and more impressive, the excitement builds and you crest for that one perfect peak moment before plunging into the downside. Winter.

As a result, autumn strikes me as a beautiful bittersweet sort of time. The songs I’ve included on this mix reflect my views of the season. Many of these are right up there among my favorite songs. I think they are all beautiful in their own special ways. But there is some form of bittersweet quality to the tunes, whether it’s a particular chord progression, turn of phrase or vibe.

Together, they make up my Harvest Blend. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Golden Days – The Damnwells
  2. Pretty (Ugly Before) – Elliott Smith
  3. After an Afternoon – Jason Mraz
  4. The Absence of God – Rilo Kiley
  5. Variety – Ryan Montbleau
  6. Boy with a Coin – Iron & Wine
  7. Ripe – Ben Lee
  8. Bon Voyage Mon Cheri – Gregory Page
  9. Bowl of Oranges – Bright Eyes
  10. Sea of Love – Cat Power
  11. Twister – Remy Zero
  12. Turn Out the Lights (Reprise) – The New Amsterdams
  13. Turn Out the Lights – The New Amsterdams
  14. Hometown Waltz – Rufus Wainwright
  15. Suspended – Matt Nathanson
  16. White Daisy Passing – Rocky Votolato
  17. Sing – The Dresden Dolls
  18. Gold Dust – Tori Amos