I am developing a complex. Perhaps this is the culinary equivalent of an Agatha Christie novel come to life, but whatever the reason, my favorite places are dropping like flies.

I’m actually overreacting a bit, but learning that two places I dearly love – in two different states, no less – is more than a little distressing. I was already reeling from yesterday’s Fenway food fire – the one that, among other places, claimed my beloved El Pelon, when Beth sent me word today that Gesine – Gesine, maple lattes of perfection Gesine – is no more. The best coffeeshop/bakery/quirky Montpelier space around? Just gone. Closed. See ya.

I am not going to name any places I love for the near future. I’m not jinxing them. And in the meantime, I’m in mourning. And trying to figure out where on earth I’m going to find a good maple latte, considering that everywhere I’ve counted on has now let me down.