Over pre-show dinner at the Black Rose, I was telling my friend Rachel about the journaling I did back in eighth grade. Or, more specifically, about the fact that I was known among my circle of classmates for being the one who was writing scripts.

For seaQuest DSV.

So that I could meet Jonathan Brandis.

(The fact that Rachel and I were eating a pre-“Mortified” dinner might make the context of this story sound a little less out there.)

I need to find that journal, which I believe is up on the North Shore right now, but I did find this gem right here in the archives. I would like to point out, however, this particular excerpt. It demonstrates that I wasn’t joking.

On goals: I asked Dana 4 info on sending my SQ script to Steven Spielberg. Blake said he had the NBC address where I could send my script (or, as Brian A. calls it, “the book.” So what if it’s 26 PAGES LONG!) to seaQuest. He’s going to get it 2 me. I can actually imagine what it’d be like if it were accepted. I’d FREAK! I’d be FAMOUS! I’D GET TO MEET JON BRANDIS! But now 4 a reality check. I’ve got 2 realize how many people probably send scripts, people much better than me. But I can dream, can’t I? If Steven Spielberg didn’t dream, where would he be? They say that he’s “partial to new talent,” especially high schoolers, because he started in high school. You never know. By the end of this year, I could be at home on a Sunday night, watching seaQuest and seeing MY NAME under the title “written by.” I could have met Jon Brandis by then. (04.13.94)