While working, I tend to need something to listen to. Most often, this soundtrack will be provided by my iPod. I will occasionally cue up a radio station stream (most often WFNX, which means I will hear MGMT’s “Kids” at least three times during a workday).

But I’m missing baseball. Which is why my productivity today is being provided by Game 6 of the 19765 World Series (thank you, MLB.tv!)

I might have a problem. OR – and this is more likely – baseball just needs to return already. Pitchers catchers, please report to Fort Myers.

That includes you, Mr. Varitek.

In other sports news, two quick bits:

  • Did you SEE the Bruins game last night? How outstanding was THAT? I watched the beginning of the game before I made my way to the gym, fully confident that the game would be shown on one of the televisions, given that it was Bruins-Habs. I was instead greeted by college basketball. My head nearly exploded. Fortunately, Michelle met up with me to grocery shop after my workout, and we made our way back to the apartment listening to the action. We then timed things upon leaving the car so that we missed minimal game activity (this coordination was a thing of beauty, let me tell you). Thank you, Tim Thomas, for clocking the man who had the audacity to make that hit on Aaron Ward. I was livid when I heard about it.
  • Tonight marks the night I officially sit the cycle, and I’m pretty giddy. Green-clad giddy. While I’m not a huge basketball fan (at all), I am eager to see what the experience of seeing what it’s like to be there for a game. It’s always different when you’re there and are able to get caught up in the emotions and pageantry of the live event. And it will be nice to experience a Boston sports team battle during a game that I obviously want that Boston team to win, but one in which my mood at game’s end isn’t at stake. I’m just going to have fun being there. And honestly? That’s a rather refreshing concept.