Nicole: Let’s play hooky from life and just hop on a train and go down ther
Vickie: for the inaug? you have no idea how much i wanted to go
N: my friend peter is going to just be down there
N: he doesn’t have a ticket
V: it’s going to be awesome to be there, but hellish to be there
V: i thought about just going
V: but it’s going to be such a clusterf—
V: i’m dvring the live concert on hbo that’s happening today
N: If we were Mandy Moore and Anne Hathaway’s rom com characters, we’d go down there as rogue ball guests in our pretty gowns and sneak in
V: this is true. ok, let’s go
N: We’ll bring a tent as a backup plan, but OF COURSE we’ll meet some sweet gentlemen that will provide us a place to sleep.
V: in georgetown, natch
N: mmmm boys in tuxes
V: democrat boys in tuxes, no less.