My favorite moment of Inauguration Day came after a lot of the big moments that occurred on this Tuesday: after I cried watching President Obama take his oath, after I cried watching the president give his brilliant speech* and after I cried watching the Obamas get out of their car to walk the parade route – twice.

The Obamas had reached the White House and were making their way down the walkway to the viewing platform. Upon the announcement of their arrival, the doors opened and the most powerful couple in the world stepped into the viewing space.

What did they say to the group assembled?

President Obama: HEY!
The First Lady: We’re here! We’re home!

It was so natural, so fitting, so right. These are people I can get behind. Today, I have been a hot mess for much of the day (and night, thanks to Beyonce and that first dance), but I’ve never been a happier hot mess.

*Imissed half the address as it was happening live. I intend to write a post about precisely why I missed that portion of the speech a little later. Say, April.