For whatever reason, my musical soundtrack today has featured people I haven’t thought of or listened to in…well, a long time.

Let’s follow just a snippet of the progression:

  • Marah, various (while scrolling through my iPod, I came across Marah and realized that I’ve had the music  for I don’t know how long, but could not remember ever actually listening to it. Turns out it’s great. Who knew? Not me.)
  • Bushwalla, various (Marah started me off on a thorough examination of the iPod. I realized it had been too long since I listened to “Soul Train,” which always makes me laugh. I was one of a small group of ladies called up to the stage to offer backup on this tune one debaucherous night. Good God. I went on to listen to a bunch of the Billy Goat.)
  • Teitur, various (Bushwalla made me think of Todd Carey, which made me think of a show at Nectars, for which Todd started his set with a Teitur cover. It was lovely, but not quite as lovely as when I sighed my way through the original artist’s set…four and a half years ago. Gulp. Beyond that feeling old bit, this remains one of my favorite  songs. Ever.)