It had been a lousy day, with things bothering me left and right. So I was feeling cantankerous as I looked at my Facebook page and decided that I didn’t need to proclaim my single status in every manner Facebook is set up to show it off.

On a typical day, this would never even been a problem for me. It’s not as if I’m ashamed of being single; if anything, the opposite is the case. I’m good at it. I like my independence. And while I’m definitely open to dating and love the fact that a friend recently decided she needs to get her matchmaking magic going for me, I’m also fine at present being single and fabulous with my friends.

But, as I said, it was one of those days and if I couldn’t direct my desire to change things at anyone else, I could tweak my profile.

Only I hit one button too many. So instead of just limiting my relationship status to the “Info” tab, I removed any relationship status at all. Which, for those who use Facebook will know, means that the little elves inside the networking site posted a message to everyone’s news feed that said that I was no longer listed as “single.”

I received a post to my Facebook wall, direct messages and direct Tweets. The majority of them could be summed up as follows: “Ummm…what is this?”

(Although I was very happy to hear that if I were to take on a boyfriend, there would be males in mourning. That was news to me!)

So rather than a low-key shift to my page, I decided that trying to explain that I wasn’t trying to conceal my single status would be too much work. So the news feeds got another annoucement stating that I am single.


We know that this was just a technological snafu. But I think that I might joke that I just enjoyed the greatest whirlwind relationship of my life. And I will treasure every single second of that 110-minute affair.