I know I’ve given Jason Mraz a hard time as of late. Therefore, before I remark upon lat night’s SNL performance, I should mention something to offer a little balance.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to sing “I’m Yours” at karaoke. Not only did I sing it, a dear friend jumped onto a second mic and added the absolutely gorgeous harmony that makes the song. It was one of my favorite karaoke performances in recent memory and it made me smile and send a positive wish Jason’s way.

I suppose it wasn’t quite as lovely as Jason’s performance of the song last night.

(But close. Did I mention that that harmony was perfect?)

Jason sounded great. He really did. I was insanely impressed.


I gasped when I saw him. He looked terrible. Secret serious illness or other body-eating conditions terrible. For the love of God, set down the avocado and eat something that’s been cooked (ideally a garden burger or 70) terrible. Worrisome terrible.

I understand the changes that a few years can make, but I was having a difficult time remembering why I used to giggle when I saw him.

Then I remembered.