This might sound morbid. Well, it will sound morbid. But go with me on this one.

My great aunt passed away on Friday, and my brother and I made the trip up to the North Shore yesterday for her funeral services. It was a lovely service for a lovely lady, but the eulogy (given by a longtime friend of hers) got me thinking.

The woman did a wonderful job with the words she had put to paper, but much of it consisted of little references or inside jokes. I think those can be wonderful. I know they are a comfort to loved ones during such a difficult time. They completely fit for the woman my great aunt was.

But when my time comes – many years from now – I want my loved ones let those little memories live on however they see fit. I want the anecdotes to be shared during discussions and hugs.

Whomever delivers my eulogy is going to have the easiest job in the world. He or she will simply need to stand in front of the people I touched during my lifetime and deliver something maybe a minute in length.

All I’ll want that person to say is that I lived, I loved, and I laughed. And that I will be missed, but that I left the world hoping that the people I cared about are better off and happier having known and loved me as much as I loved them.

And that I was right about that.