I’ve been feeling out of sorts for much of the week. I suspected that perhaps it was stress, maybe that I’d caught a bit of the bug everyone has been battling as of late, but was fighting against it. I figured that karaoke would be a guaranteed remedy…

…until I got there and realized that even that wasn’t clicking. I simply did not feel right.

So I say uncle. I accept it. I’m under the weather. My body wins out. My plan, until I feel better, is to hide out, get my sleep on and take it as easy as I can until I’m back up to speed.

That said, I will have to stop at the bookstore on my way home today. Because if I’m going to be relaxing, I’m going to be reading. My current book, “Hannibal,” might not be exactly what I need right now.

And, to paraphrase a concept created by my friend Rachel, the Soup Fairy may feel free to visit. I like chicken or vegetable. Just sayin.