…and, yes, Happy Valentine’s Day, guys and dolls. Special greetings to my little crew of anonymous Valentine writers – I’m going to have fun trying to figure out who said what! But thank you very much.

Speaking of smiles, a strange and wondrous thing happened late last night or early this morning, depending on how you want to look at it. In my second night of self-imposed rest and relaxation, I’d just put down my book for the night and was preparing to settle down to sleep when I made a quick cross through my apartment and smiled.

I realized anew that I have an absolutely fantastic place.

This led me to think about the other great things I have going on. My apartment turned into my friends, which turned into my family, which turned into my city…Before I knew it, there was a huge grin on my face and I felt whatever had been bothering me earlier in the week just melt away.

So it’s a good day.